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When it comes to talking about our 3D Animation services we at "DevsCaravan" believe in showing instead. So without wasting any words, let us guide you to our portfolio. Here you can find some of our previously done works. Check them out, and we bet our diverse range of services will not fail to amaze you.

Freelance 3D Animation

Types of 3D Animation Services We Provide

Grabbing the attention of your target audience, attracting sales online or branding - no matter what the purpose is, a 3D animation service can make your job much easier as well as good-looking. In Devs caravan, we provide many types of 3D animation services. Check out the list below for our available services to find out the one you need.

3D Logo Animation Services

A good logo design for your brand or company is certainly important. However, to make the logo even more dynamic and attractive in the eyes of the audience, a 3D logo animation service is an unbeatable choice. In DevsCaravan, you can get the best service available in the market.

3D Product Animation Services

With the passing of each day, the buyer marketplace is becoming more dynamic and competitive. Our 3D animation service can ensure that your products are not only eye-catching but they can also hold the attention of your customer. Every aspect of your product will be displayed stunningly, yet clearly. 

Architectural Animation Services

In DevsCaravan, we will take your 3D architectural renderings and turn them into detailed photorealistic animations. Our animators are well-trained. They will ensure that all the details of your project are intricately conveyed. 

3d furniture rendering
Client Reviews

People Talk About The Benefits of Our 3D Animation Services

DevsCaravan is gaining popularity each day. It is evident how enthusiastically our services are received and praised by the users. Our 3D animation services are high in quality.

They are good at promoting brand identity and consumer interactivity. Moreover, our 3D animation services are proven to be a great way to attract online traffic cost-effectively.

James J. Reed
James J. Reed Art director

If I could give DevsCaravan 3d Animation Services a 10 out of 10, I would! They are professional and always exceed my expectations.

Victor A. Chung
Victor A. Chung Transportation engineer

DevsCaravan is a top-notch 3d animation studio that always puts the customer first. From start to finish, their services are professional and on-point.

Alex R. Eddington
Alex R. Eddington LAN manager

I was looking for an affordable and professional 3d animation service and I think I've found it! DevsCaravan is great value for money and the quality of their work is excellent.

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Our 3D Animation Workflow Process

In DevsCaravan, we believe in credibility before everything else. We are not going to ask you to work with us without giving you enough reasons to place your trust in us. So, here you can see our workflow process in detail and decide for yourself if our 3D animation services suit you or not.

1. Conceptualizing and creating the storyboard.

A great story cannot start without a great idea. So, the first step in our 3D animation workflow is to brainstorm what story the animation will tell to its audience and how it will be told. Then we will move on to organizing the idea on a storyboard to tell the story in two dimensions.

2. Making The Perfect 3d models.

Once we are done organizing the idea on the storyboard, it is time to create perfect 3D models. Making a 3D model will help in making sure that the design is exactly how we want it to be. It will basically work as the basis of the final animation.

3. Texturing, rigging and animation.

Our animators will then start adding colors and surface properties to the models. The animation will be getting a proper skeletal structure here with the right style, size, etc. By the end of this step, our initial idea will even start moving.


4. Lighting and setting up the cameras.

Lighting and good camera angles are as necessary here as in real life. Our animators will apply the right software to ensure the best lighting and perfect camera angles to make the animation come to life.

5. Prepare for the Rendering.

Now it is time to work on the graphics of the 3D animation process. In this step, our animators will gather all the animations and assemble them to get individual pixel-based frames or a video clip of the animation.

6. Compositing with special effects & The final output

Then compositing software is used to edit, touch up, and apply special effects to the rendered product. Compositing involves anything from what people likely consider special effects, such as where things explode, disappear, change shape, etc. Once all of these are done, the compiled product is ready to be delivered.

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What 3D Animation Services to Suit Your Needs

Choosing the right style of animation to suit your needs the best will depend on a few things. Such as your particular niche, what aesthetic you are looking for, and most importantly, who your audiences are. However, Devscaravan is here to help you with that.  

Just Fill up the form below, and one of our experts will be there to help you make the right choice.


The Benefits of Outsourcing 3D Animation

With each passing day, our virtual world is rapidly becoming 3D. However, not everyone is skilled in 3D animation skills, and that’s okay. There are hundreds of experts available online who can help you out. 

Outsourcing and getting an expert to do your job will surely give you a competitive edge over your competitors. Not to mention, a professional shine to your product is sure to attract the eyes of your customers. There are some other benefits of outsourcing 3D animation. Let’s see what they are:

1. Help Your Business to Gain Profits Faster

The bigger the audience the greater the profit, it is as simple as that. A good quality 3D animation is a great way of not only catching the eyes of your audience but also holding their attention long enough to generate the desired profit. A good animation will go a long way to ensure user engagement. Moreover, it is an excellent branding tool. It can use 3D animation to control how your brand is perceived. 

2. Affordable Cost

For your animation works, you can either hire a full-time 3D animator or you can hire a professional 3D animator from an animation services company. The first option is an expensive one. The second option, while just as good quality-wise, is more budget-friendly. Outsourcing 3D animation will allow you to get high-quality service at an affordable cost.

3. Save Time

One of the most common reasons for outsourcing is how time-saving it is. A task that can take you hours can be delegated to an expert who can finish it in much lesser time. This way, you can get top-notch quality work without wasting a single minute. 


Most Frequent Ask Questions & Answers about 3D Animation

3D animation is basically the process of giving life to digital objects. This is done by taking digital objects and making illusions of the objects moving through three-dimensional space. These objects appear on a two-dimensional screen. But they have the ability to move, rotate or turn like a real-world object, creating a 360-degree view of the objects. 

Nowadays, 3D animation is getting more and more popular than 2D animation mostly because of how realistic they are. 3D offers you a high visual quality with much smoother movements than a 2D can ever do. This makes them more appealing to users than 2D animation.

3D animation is gaining much importance these days as it is a great way to boost your company’s profit. It is a surefire way of gaining attention and engagement from your users. Not to mention, 3D animation can be a great branding tool.

The benefits of 3D animation are numerous. It is more realistic than 2D. It can get you huge user engagement. Consequently, it can boost your company’s profit and brand recognition. So, the popularity of 3D animation really should not be a surprise.

3D animation can be a time-consuming task. An average of 60-90 seconds of animation will take around 8-10 weeks. However, the time frame will largely depend on what your desired animation style is or how complicated the design is. 

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