Transforming "Plumbing Hours" into a Thriving Affiliate Marketing Hub

Plumbing Hours Overview

Client: Brian Kelley, Founder of Plumbing Hours

  • Industry: Plumbing
  • Location: USA
  • Website:

Brian Kelley, the founder of Plumbing Hours, sought to establish a reputable blog and affiliate marketing platform in the plumbing industry. The goal was to create a valuable resource for plumbing enthusiasts and professionals while generating revenue through affiliate partnerships.

The Challenge:

At the outset, Plumbing Hours faced several challenges:

  • Limited online visibility: Plumbing Hours struggled to attract organic traffic and lacked a strong online presence.
  • Content quality and strategy: The existing content needed improvement, and a solid content strategy was required.
  • User experience: The website’s design and user experience were not optimized for engagement and conversions.
Plumbing Hours

Solutions Provided by DevsCaravan:

DevsCaravan devised a comprehensive SEO and Website plan to address these challenges:

1. In-Depth SEO Analysis:

DevsCaravan conducted a comprehensive SEO audit, identifying opportunities for improving on-page and off-page SEO.

2. Content Strategy:

DevsCaravan developed a content strategy, focusing on high-quality, informative, and engaging articles related to plumbing topics. They also ensured keyword optimization to enhance search engine visibility.

3. Technical Enhancements:

Technical improvements were made to enhance website performance, including optimizing page load times, mobile responsiveness, and implementing structured data for better search engine rankings.

4. Content Creation:

DevsCaravan crafted well-researched and compelling articles, addressing common plumbing issues, tips, and expert advice. This content aimed to establish Plumbing Hours as a trusted source of information in the plumbing niche.

5. User Experience Enhancement:

The website’s design was revamped to improve navigation, readability, and overall user experience. This included a clean and user-friendly design, logical site structure, and easy-to-navigate affiliate product pages.

The Results:

Our collaboration with Brian Kelley and yielded outstanding results:

    • Remarkable Organic Traffic Growth: The SEO efforts and content strategy resulted in a substantial increase in organic traffic, with Plumbing Hours attracting 1.2k visitors, a significant achievement considering the initial limited visibility.
    • Valuable Resource: Plumbing Hours was transformed into a reliable resource for plumbing enthusiasts and professionals, offering a wealth of information on plumbing topics.
    • Affiliate Marketing Success: The affiliate marketing strategy implemented by DevsCaravan started generating revenue, with affiliate partnerships proving to be lucrative.
Plumbing Hours Affiliate Commission


By partnering with DevsCaravan and implementing a comprehensive SEO strategy, content plan, and user experience enhancements, Plumbing Hours successfully transitioned from a struggling blog into a thriving affiliate marketing hub. The transformation not only attracted a substantial audience but also established the website as a valuable resource in the plumbing industry, ultimately achieving the client’s goals of increased traffic and affiliate marketing success.